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TIT FOR TAT - Part 2

Hearing his sad story, Shambhunath expressed his sympathy and said, "Dear friend, I would be very pleased if any way, I can be of help to you. So let me know what can I do for you?"

To this, Charandas replied, "My brother and my dear friend, I am leaving this town. In my possession, I have got only an iron bar. But the miracle of this bar is that it will never rust and that is what makes it different from others. So, I would like to pawn it with you against some money. When I return, I shall clear your debt and take my never rusting iron bar back."

Shambhunath immediately replied, "Is that all you want me to do? It is not a problem at all. I shall keep the bar safely with me. You can have it back when you like." Saying so, Shambhunath gave one thousand rupees to Charandas and took the iron bar from him. At that time, a thousand rupees was a very big amount

Charandas thanked Shambhunath and set out in search of another town and business. With the one thousand rupees he had, Charandas started a small business, which flourished in due course of time. He made a fortune out of thousand rupees. Now he visited several places and towns in connection with his business. Luck favored him like a miracle and his business went on growing from 1 to 10 to 100. As a result, he once again became the same wealthy man as he used to be in his original town of Sankhpeth.

Charandas then thought wisely and deeply and returned to his own town. He bought a new house, started his old business again, and soon he came to enjoy his old respect, gratitude as well as dignity from his fellow neighbors.

Now, he was reminded of his iron bar. So, he went to Shambhunath's house. His friend entertained him duly and they exchanged views on several matters. Then Charandas inquired about his iron bar and said, "Hey my dear friend, here is your one thousand rupees and please, give my iron bar back."

Hearing this, Shambhunath put on a very sad face and replied, "Oh brother! I feel so ashamed to tell you that I had placed your iron bar safely in a Sanduk (metal box). But somehow a rat got into the box and nibbled the entire bar. I tried my best to get a similar bar from the market but all to no purpose. Tell my how can I repay you now for that?"

Shambhunath's false story convinced Charandas that his friend was insincere and he had played a foil on him. And there was no question that Shambhunath did not want to part with the non-rusting bar and that is the reason why he had told a lie.

But Charandas had seen the world. In his years of experience and meeting with lots of people, he had become very wise and intelligent. So very convincingly he tried to show no displeasure at what Shambhunath had said and took the matter in a very casual way. He smiled with a glint in his eye and said, "Oh friend, Why are you upset and sad when the bar has been nibbled by a rat? You are not at fault at all. As you known nothing in the world is everlasting. One or the other day, everything gets destroyed. So, let us forget about this topic and left us forget about what happened to the bar. I am not at all angry or sore at heart with you."

Saying so, Charandas left his house. Then, he suddenly turned and said, "Well, my friend! I forgot to tell you a very important thing. I have brought a valuable gift for you but in hurry, I  left it at home. Can you send your son to collect the present?"

Ashamed of his dishonesty, Shambhunath couldn't refuse and he was very happy to know that Charandas had believed his false story. Besides that, he was very curious to know what Charandas had bought for him. So, he sent his son Krish with Charandas.

Charandas then returned home with Shambhunath' s son. As already planned by him, he took his son, Krish in to the basement of his house. It was very dark and gloomy there and he locked Krish inside that basement. Then, as the daily routine, Charandas became busy with his daily chores.

When Shambhunath's son did not return home till evening, he felt worried. He immediately went to Charandas and inquired, "hey friend! Where is my son? I had sent him with you and he has not returned back so far. It is evening now."

Charandas replied, "I am extremely sorry, my brother, but there is a very bad news."

"What bad news? Tell me immediately where my son is," asked angrily Shambhunath.

"Oh Brother, when we were coming from your house, a big bird, the dreaded eagle, pounced upon the boy and took him away in its paws," said Charandas.

To this, Shambhunath retorted, "It's a blatant lie, a truly white lie. How can a bird carry away such a big boy of mine? It is just not possible" exclaimed Shambhunath.

Shambhunath became very angry and a heated argument started between the two friends. The argument got very fierce and seeing them fight, lot of people started coming there to make peace between the two old friends. A big crowd had gathered besides them trying to calm them down.

But all in vain. Nobody could make an agreement between them. Finally they went to the head, the Mukhiya of the town to seek a settlement of their dispute. Appearing before the head of the town, Shambhunath mouthfully exclaimed, "Sir, this man is telling a lie. He has kidnapped my son. So be kind enough to help me and get my son back from this man."

The head of the town then inquired Charandas, "Oh Da, is this true?"

Charandas replied, "Mukhiyaji, How can I kidnap his son? When we were returning back, his son was taken away by the big bird. I tried to help him but I could not do anything because I cannot fly. I just saw him being taken away?"

The head of the town vehemently replied, "Bhikari Das, You are telling a white lie. This cannot happen. However, we know you from a long time. There has to be reason for you to cook up such a lie. So, let me know everything clearly and in detail."

Charandas then opened up his story and said, "Sir, you are a judge, and I am very sure that you will provide justice in this case. When an iron bar can be nibbled by a rat, why can't a boy be carried away by a bird?" Saying so, he then narrated the entire story of Shambhunath's dishonesty.

After hearing the whole story, the Mukhiya gave his judgment. He said, "Shambhunath, you are at fault. You must return his iron bar if you want your son back."

Now Shambhunath had no choice and he had to abide by the judgment. In this way, Charandas got his non-rusting iron bar back and Shambhunath got his son. Both of them went home happily.



So the moral of this story is –

"If you do anything wrong or immoral deed to other person, one or the other time you will be forced to repay back in some or the other way. So, right from your younger, years, you all need to inculcate the quality of honesty and sincerity among yourselves with all your fellow beings."

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