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TIT FOR TAT - Part 1

This is a story from medieval times. Long time ago, a merchant, named Charandas, lived in a town. He was very, very rich. But unluckily, he fell on bad days so much so that he became a pauper, a complete miser and poor. His business failed and he had robbery and theft at his house. Consequently, he had to sell his house in order to payoff his debts.

Charandas was in utter adversity. But sitting idle was of no avail. Something had to be done to cope with the adversity. So, Charandas thought, "I must go to some other town and start some work. God may help me and I may prosper again."

Charandas made preparations to go to another town. One of his old friends, named Shambhunath, lived in that very town. He was an immoral and insincere person. Charandas went to him and appraised him of his decision to leave the town in an effort to work elsewhere.

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