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The Real Husband

It was a dark night and was raining heavily and there were strange noises from every where and voice of  the moaning of jackals could be heard.

Although there was a  bad atmosphere king Vikramaditya did not fear a bit. He climbed the tree to bring the corpse down and soon he began to walk with the corpse lying on his shoulder.

So Betaal starts his story……….

Long long time age, there lived a Brahman Known as Agnishashtra in his kutir (home) on the bank of River Yamuna. Agnishashtra had a very beautiful daughter named Mandodari.

When Mandodari reached the age of marriage, then one day three Brahmans from Kankganj visited Angishashtra and each demanded Mandodari for himself. But her father, decided not to give his daughter to any one of them. Mandodari said “I would like to marry a person who has special skill among him”. Three Brahmin were confused and they stayed at Agnishashtra’s house for few days. One day Mandodari got a fever and due to fever she died. As per hindu shashtra she was burned. All three brahmins became very sad.

One of the three Brahmin make hut at bank of the river Yamuna he took some ashes of Manodari’s burnt body and made them his bed.

Second brahmin took her bone and place them into the river.

The third brahmin left the place and became beggar he was going here and there, was begging and was passing his rest of the life. One day when he was passing through jungle, a sadhu was doing something. He suddenly decided to see from behind the tree what he was doing. Sadhu took out a book and began to read something, he took water in his hand and throw it on the ashes of something, suddenly rabbit appears from the ashes. Third brahmin was surprised. He came out of the tree and request sadhu to teach him this knowledge. After brahmin requested too much sadhu taught him a lesson how to give life to ashes.

When he returned to Mandodari’s home overturned the hut and the third Brahmin opened the book and read the charm. he threw some dust on the ashes and after sometime Mandodari rose up alive. All the three Brahmans saw her alive again and became too much happy. After seeing Mandodari alive, they again quarreled with one another. Each of them was desiring Mandodari for himself.

The first Brahman said that his wife because she was produced by efficiency of the sacred bath in Ganga. The second said that she is his wife because he preserved her ashes. And the third said that she is his wife because she is his wife because she was won by the power of my charm.

Betaal stopped his story .....

"Now, the King, you have to decide their dispute. Give your judgement and decide whose wife she will be? If you know and say no to it, your head will be in pieces."

King said to him, "The one who brought her alive by the charm must be considered as her father because he performed that part for her and not her husband. The Brahman who took her bones to river Ganga may be considered as her son as per hindu shashtra. But there is third Brahman who lay on her ashes is to be called her husband because he has done everything in his deep affection.

And when Vetaal listened this from the King vikram, he left his shoulders and said "You promised not to speak but you have broken your promise and here I leave." And Vetaal went back to his place.

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