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Barber's Trap

As we all know, Birbal was not only Emperor Akbar’s favorite minister but also a loved by most of the subjects of the Akbar. People often come to him from far for an advise on their personal matters too. There was a group of ministers that were jealous of his popularity and disliked him.

One day they proposed the king’s barber with a plan to defeat a Birbal , and , they offered him a huge sum of money in return. The barber readily agreed. The next time when the king required Barber’s services, the barber started a conversation, he asked the king that as he was enjoying great prosperity, had he made any plan to do anything for the welfare of his ancestors?

        He said to Barber “They are already dead!”. The barber mentioned that he knew of a sadhu  who could send a person up to heaven to and that person could enquire about his father’s welfare. But the person to be sent must be smart enough to follow the sadhu’s instructions. Akbar thought something and said “There is only one person who is smart and wise, Birbal!” Barber was glad to know that plan was going according to their need.The king was very curious to know about his dead ancestors and asked the barber to go ahead and make the arrangements immediately.

Barber called that sadhu, he was of course his man only. The sadhu explained that they would take Birbal to the funeral ground and then he would be burnt and could be sent to the heaven. Then he would then speak some ‘mantras’ as Birbal would ascend to the heavens through the smoke.

The king informed Birbal of this plan. Birbal said that it’s a  brilliant idea, but he need big money as this is long journey and he need few days time to spend with his family. The king agreed to his conditions.

Meanwhile, Birbal got a few honest men to build a tunnel from the funeral grounds to his house.

The day came. Birbal sat of the floor. Piece of woods were kept on his body. He was completely covered by the wood. No one could be able to see any part of the Birbal. Sadhu started to speak Mantras and Akbar put the burning stick on the wood. But Birbal escaped through the concealed door of the tunnel. He disappeared in to his house. Ministers were too happy, now Birbal was not there.

Birbal hide himself for a few months while his hair and beard grew long and unruly. Then one day after many, many months Birbal arrived at the palace with news of the king’s father. The king was extremely pleased to see him and ready with a barrage of questions. Birbal told the king that his father was in the best of spirits and had been provided with all the comforts except one.

The king eagerly asked him “What was that Birbal?”. Birbal answered that there were no barbers in heaven. He said that his father had asked for a good barber.

So the king decided to send his own barber to serve his father in heaven. He called both the barber and the magician to prepare to send him to heaven. The barber could say absolutely nothing in his own defense as he was caught in his own trap. Nobody dared to conspire against Birbal again.  He suddenly fall into the legs of Birbal and requested him to save him. Then Birbal explained whole story to Akbar.

Akbar again became very happy with Birbal’s wisdom and gave him lots of money.

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Date: 5/18/2014
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