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The Cock and The Hen

           As Birbal was always smart than others, not only other people but also Akbar sometimes tried to make him looked like a fool. One morning King Akbar thought of a plan to make Birbal look like a fool. He gave one egg to each of his ministers in his court before Birbal reached the court.

So when Birbal arrived, the king explained that last night he had a dream. According to that dream he would be able to judge the honesty of his ministers if they were able to bring an egg from the pond which was situated inside the garden of the palace.

Akbar ordered all his ministers to go to the pond, one by one return with an egg. So, one by one, all his ministers went to the pond and returned with the egg which he had given them.

Now it was Birbal's turn. He jumped into the pond and could find no eggs. He was aware of Akbar's trick on him. So he entered the court crowing like a cock. The Emperor asked him to stop making  noise and then asked him to give an egg if he had got from the pond.

Birbal smiled and replied that only hens lay eggs, and as he was a cock, he could not produce an egg.

Everyone laughed loudly and the King realized that Birbal could never be easily fooled.

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