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Head and The Body

It was a dark night and was raining heavily and there were strange noises from every where and voice of  the moaning of jackals could be heard.

Although there was a  bad atmosphere king Vikramaditya did not fear a bit. He climbed the tree to bring the corpse down and soon he began to walk with the corpse lying on his shoulder.

The Betaal spoke: "O King , I pity you as you are making untiring efforts without relaxing as if you wish to achieve something. Instead of enjoying a comfortable sleep in your palace  you’re still coming after me”

King didn’t speak anything because any word from his mouth would keep Betaal right back on the tree.

So Betaal starts his story……….

Once upon a time there lived a washerman named Devashish. One day he was washing clothes at the bank of river then he saw a very beautiful lady gathering water in pot near the river, he fall in love with her. When he asked her who is she?, she replied she is a daughter of Brahmin of neighbour village Gangapor and her name is Madhusundari.

Devashish sent his parents to Madhusundari’s home to talk about his marriage with Madhusundari. Madhusundari’s parents asked  her about that when she agreed they have arranged her marriage with Devashish. They got married to. She then went with Devashish to live with him.

Few months went away happily. Once the brother of Madhusundari, came to Devashish to invite his sister and brother-in-law to their place for Dashera. Devashish agreed and the three of them were returning to Madhusundari's home. On the way they happened to pass by the temple of Durga Devi. Her brother wanted to pray  to the goddess, and went to the temple. But as soon as he came near the goddess, he wanted to make a massive sacrifice to the goddess. So he cut his head off for the goddess. Madhusundari was worried and she then sent her husband to see what the matter was. On seeing dead body of  his brother-in-law, the Madhusundari’s husband was also decided to offer his own head too to the goddess and cut his own head. Madhusundari, after a long wait came and saw both her brother and husband lying on the ground and then decided to take her own life but asked the goddess to get the same brother and husband in the next life. The goddess was pleased and stopped her from dying and asked her to join their heads and bodies and then she granted them life.
Madhusundari was so happy but in a hurry, Madanasundari, exchanged the heads of her brother and husband and was exchanged. She added her husband’s head to her brother’s  body and her brother’s head to her husband’s body. When she realised her mistake she looked at Goddess but she replied now its not possible again to exchange the heads.

Betaal stops and asks King Vikram asks this question: Who among the two is the husband of Madanasundari?

Vikram replies with a lot of thought, "The body that carries her husband's head is is her husband. The head is the most important part of the human body, and the rest of the body is identified by the head."

As soon as Vikram had finished his answer, Betaal disappeared back to the tree.

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